The theme of EQUITY of EVIL – based on true medical events from the late 70’s – becomes REALITY!!

As discussed in prior blogs, EQUITY of EVIL is based on a series of true events in which harvested organs from aborted fetuses were grown for experimental purposes. This author made the link to a real business plan that suggested ‘mobile abortion units’ be established to optimize safer and cleaner procedures in remote, impoverished areas throughout the world. The result: evil-doers were stealing the intact aborted remains in order to use their organs to compete in the multi-billion illicit black-market of organ transplants.

TODAY – 2015; Planned parenthood officials are quoted to say:

“If we alter our process, and we are able to obtain intact fetal cadavers, then we can make it part of the budget.”

For a more indepth look into this dark world and the realm of possibilities facing our society, read EQUITY of EVIL – before you see the movie! The screenplay is underway!!

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The Abortion Theme behind EQUITY of EVIL

Although I was very concerned about the abortion theme encased within this debut novel, I’ve been pleased with the amount of positive correspondences from supports on both sides of the table (Pro-Life and Pro-Choice). This validated my goal of being objective as possible in dealing with this delicate subject.

This story provides a true reconstruction of my personal experiences as a pre-med student, tasked with the dissection of aborted fetuses for the scientific purpose of learning how to potentially diagnose and treat a rare abnormality that was known to create uterine cancer. As a by-product of this mini-autopsies in the Human Genetic Engineering Department, I was also required to harvest and grow their tiny organs with hopes of providing fundamental knowledge that might someday help optimize tissue and organ transplants. That was back in the ’70s and I only dare speak of it today.

Decades later, as a Venture Capitalist dedicating funds to supporting new medical technology innovations, I was provided a Business Plan that suggested a new business model for one of the most prevalent medical procedures in the world – Abortion. This Plan told of “Mobile Abortion Units” that would roll into various neighborhoods throughout the world, to perform walk-on abortion procedures using the most state-of-the-art equipment and sterile procedures. Well… you’re going to have to read the book to experience the evil consequences of such a proposal, but the concept of determining how to provide alternative access to these procedures is something our world will have to figure out.

There was a very informative article in the January Issue of Bloomberg BusinessWeek entitled, “Regulating Away Abortion“. Again, I’m not providing this information to support either side of the abortion debate, but I’m a realist who accepts that fact that abortion is not going to go away in our lifetime. If this procedure is not made available to women, they will simply find alternative means to rid themselves of unwanted pregnancies. I’m offering this information for the sake of humanity and decency.

In the novel, EQUITY of EVIL, aborted fetuses are extracted and maintained in a special fluid-filled canister to preserve them for the harvesting of their organs. The story includes a business and legal debate over the legal jurisdiction of how the fetal remains from an abortion are properly dealt with. The Bloomberg article describes Senate Bill No. 54 which requires the fetal remains to be cremated or buried… with non-compliance a felony of law punishable by up to three years imprisonment or a fine up to $5000, or both. Such disposal comes with an average cost of approximately $250 per remains, which nearly doubles the price of most abortions. Instead of banning abortion outright, many State law makers are creating such mandates in order to simply make it too expensive for providers to remain in business.

Other state laws require providers to be licensed as freestanding surgical outpatient facilities and to carry additional personal liability insurance coverage of at least $1.0 Million – such licensing, renovation and insurance costs have forced many facilities to close their doors. Since 2008, the number of providers, including doctors’ offices and special clinics, have fallen nearly 38% for the peak in 1982. 

Federal data reveals that abortion is one of the safest medical procedures in the U.S. with less risk of death than getting a shot of penicillin and 14-times safer than carrying a pregnancy to delivery. Regulations which cause delay and increase the costs of this procedure, only drive up the risks.

This article closes with a statement from one of the providers:

“While we are a medical clinic that provides a medical service, we are also a business. We’re not trying to sell it to someone who doesn’t want one, but for someone who wants an abortion, we want them to choose [us]. Why would I let the [anti-abortion] movement make me ashamed of that?”

A read of EQUITY of EVIL may give you another perspective, regardless of your position on this topic. I welcome your comments and opinions.

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The EQUITY Series of Business/Medical Thrillers Climb the Charts

The EQUITY Series

With an endorsement on the front cover by International Best-selling Author, Dr. Robin Cook, the bold new novel, EQUITY of EVIL, has leapt to the top of the Amazon charts of Medical Thrillers based on Average Customer Reviews. Three literary awards, including the 2012 Global eBook Award for Best Suspense Thriller, further enhanced the brand recognition of this new author.

To meet the demands of our growing fan base, we quickly followed with the release of this second novel, EQUITY of FEAR that promises the same suspense, intensity and international intrigue.

EQUITY of EVIL and EQUITY of FEAR are the 1st and 2nd Books in a new trilogy called The EQUITY Series. The heroic main character, Roman Citrano, boldly navigates the reader through these controversial thrillers that combine both business and medical science based on true events and/or current technologies under development behind closed laboratory doors throughout the world.

Thanks for all your continued support! I intend to post several new EQUITY of FEAR related blogs here soon, regarding current technologies designed to “rewire the brain”.

Exciting New Links:

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The eBook version of EQUITY of FEAR was released on March 25th and we’ve had a tremendous reception to this 2nd book in The EQUITY Series. There’s a great deal of promotional work ahead, but the following represents the initial reviews, interviews and guest blogs associated with the “launch”. A bit overwhelming, but the first review provides a wonderful summary.




Book Trailer:








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EQUITY of FEAR – Now Available in eBook

The Second Book in The EQUITY Series, EQUITY of FEAR, is now available on various sites, including AMAZON ( and Barnes & Noble ( This second book is not a sequel to the first, but carries a similar theme with new characters in a different foreign country. However, our main character from EQUITY of EVIL, Roman Citrano, plays an important supporting role to our new C.E.O., Frank Moretti.

Book Trailer:

Press Release:

A synopsis can be found here on our website: ttp://

More soon on this exciting technology known as NEUROPLASTICITY – The re-wiring of the Brain!



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Announcing the Release of EQUITY of FEAR

ImageWe are pleased to announce the release of EQUITY of FEAR, the eBook to be available the week of March 25, 2013, with print versions in July. This also coincides with the new cover design of both EQUITY of EVIL; A synopsis of both novels can be found on this site as well.

The following is a link to the first of many REVIEWS of EQUITY of FEAR

This continues with the general theme of The EQUITY Series and discloses the exciting medical innovations associated with “neuroplasticity” – the re-wiring of the brain. Altering the functional areas of the human brain is already being accomplished in several countries, including clinics and research institutions throughout the U.S.. What would individuals pay to have a non-invasive therapy to eliminate or restore specific memories, or perhaps eliminate fear? EQUITY of FEAR is a suspenseful thriller that will pull you into another dark world where torture and pain become just another set of data points, and lives are discarded for the sake of owning the ability to control how man perceives and processes fear.

I look forward to seeing your comments and reviews over the coming year!


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Eliminating the Right to Choose? Be Careful What you Wish For!

In researching and writing the initial manuscript of EQUITY of EVIL, I didn’t hesitate to use the theme of abortion and human trafficking as the backdrop for this debut suspense novel.  However, what struck me as very odd was that abortion has been practiced and debated long before we had the religious beliefs and laws that we now have in place. These are ancient, historical practices that have been discussed and written about centuries before Christ. So why hasn’t mankind come to any universal conclusions regarding the moral, ethical and political position on this topic? I’m not asking why we haven’t resolved the issue; I’m asking why people and nations haven’t come to a final conclusion that will definitely determine whether it is right or wrong… to at least put an end to the debate.

Fact: Abortion is not going to “go away” by declaring it legal or illegal.

So here we are in the year 2012 with presidential candidates talking about overturning a landmark decision made by our Supreme Court (i.e. Roe vs. Wade) nearly four decades ago. One of the principle outcomes of the Court’s decision was that abortion was a fundamental right under the United States Constitution. Unfortunately, as we all know, it isn’t that simple.

Our government, court system and the public still have to deal with two competing interests; protecting the mother’s rights and her health, and protecting the “potentiality of human life”. This left the gates open for controversy to flood and destroy any possible bridge between the two. It also allowed the State to intervene to determine “fetal viability” and to regulate the procedure. Where do the rights subside? Who has the ultimate right? Were is the right of the physician to practice medicine? What is the constitutional right of the mother? Why is it the right of the State to determine the definition of life or the viability of the fetus? What is the unspoken right of the fetus? Here is the essence of decades of debate.

This blog posting is not intended to challenge any of these principles or beliefs, but intended to ask the questions… “What would possibly happen if our politicians and courts decide to overturn something like Roe vs. Wade?  What would our world be like if abortion becomes illegal and is pushed back into the dark alleys of our cities or self-induced by millions of women in the privacy of their homes?”

EQUITY of EVIL tells a tale of a new business model that enhances the availability of abortion procedures to those who could not otherwise easily obtain such a procedure… to minimize the back alley and self-induced procedures… to provide a confidential, clean, affordable procedure with less trauma to the mother and the fetus. But regardless of the intentions, things go bad. Man’s burning desire to exploit others for pleasure, greed or personal gain suffocates any positive potential outcome.

When this author witnessed the Republican candidate’s desire to overcome Roe vs. Wade, I went back to revisit those passages in EQUITY of EVIL which describe the statistics of abortion in this country. “There are approximately forty-two million unwanted pregnancies annually throughout the world. Forty-three percent of all women will have at least one abortion before they reach the age of forty-five….” What would our world be like if the majority of women suddenly had to find an illegal means of accomplishing these procedures? Those who could afford it would find access through the black markets, those who could not, would revert to their own means.

Such is the dark world of EQUITY of EVIL.

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Serial Med-Tech Entrepreneur breaks into the Publishing Industry with his Award-winning Medical Thriller, EQUITY of EVIL

EQUITY of EVIL was designed to tell a story of suspense, to enlighten the reader, and to pursuade people to start thinking about the reality of our brave new world. The story holds no answers or suggests any resolution, but it reveals how business, greed, and the deceit of man can play a role in the exploitation of human life.

Entrepreneur, Rudy Mazzocchi has been in the trenches of starting over a dozen medical device and biotechnology companies since entering the field in the late 1980’s. His formula is quite simple: listen to what the key opinion leaders are identifying as the ‘unmet clinical needs’ in the industry and provide them with the best possible solution. In order to do so, Mazzocchi is not shy about asking questions such as “why not?” and “what if?” With potential solutions in hand, he then crafts his story for investors and recruits the best management and engineering teams possible to move the new venture forward.

Mazzocchi has been granted access to elite research institutions and universities throughout the world, providing him a first peek at medical innovations that are sometimes a decade away from being commercialized. His successful efforts provided him with a reputation of being one of the go-to businessmen in the medical industry, and is now building brand recognition as an international award-winning novelist.

Over the past two decades he has collected his share of notable industry awards, including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Businessman of the Year Award – presented by the National Congressional Committee, and National Technology Leadership Award. Since the release of his debut novel, EQUITY of EVIL, in March of 2012, he has already picked up the 2012 Global eBook Award for Best Suspense Novel and the eLit Award for Best Suspense/Thriller Novel. His first book has also been nominated for the 2012 International Thriller Writer’s Award, 2012 ForeWord Book of the Year Award, 2013 Eric Hoffer Award, and 2013 Edgar’s Award for the Best First Novel.

When asked about his initial success, he indicates that his creative story-telling is a result of him continuing to ask those same questions; “why not?” and “what if?”. Mazzocchi’s next novel is the second in a series becoming known as The EQUITY Series; due for release near the first of the New Year. This unique series may potentially be the essence of a new genre that combines both business and medical science. To intensify the suspenseful elements of his stories, Mazzocchi makes it known that his novels are based on true events.

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Bold New Suspense Thriller addresses Controversial Abortion and Human Trafficking Issues

EQUITY of EVIL receives worldwide recognition by winning the 2012 Global eBook Award for Fiction/Suspense in the midst of political upheaval relating to women’s health issues. This bold novel dares to include controversial themes related to abortion, rape and human trafficking.

  • Use of new state-of-the-art abortion methods designed to eliminate back-alley procedures eventually lead to the corporate manipulation and control of women’s bodies for the sake of profit
  • Women discarded from the darkness of the sex trade industry become victims in a human organ trafficking scheme
  • Love and vengeance eventually challenges the despair of innocent victims in this brave New World

A percentage of the proceeds from sale of this novel will be donated to various causes to STOP human trafficking.;

Press Release:


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Award-winning Novel – EQUITY of EVIL – NOW Available in Print Edition (July 15th)

We are pleased to announce the release of EQUITY of EVIL in print edition by Paladin Timeless Books (Division of Twilight Times Books); ISBN: 978-1-60619-237-5.

To order:


“EQUITY of EVIL is a shocking indictment of the pernicious role of greed in the medical world. A powerful read!” – Robin Cook, International Best-selling Author

“EQUITY of EVIL by Rudy A. Mazzocchi, a new Medical Thriller, is one of the most politically compelling, suspenseful and reality-cutting literary works of our time, with a writing style elevated beyond mainstream fiction.” – FSB Associates

“Mazzocchi’s EQUITY of EVIL debut novel is an amazing read… working carefully through the challenging areas of medical ethics, the ethics of venture capital, the abortion issues, human trafficking, and the international organ transplant market, he has woven a powerful tale of intrigue and adventure.” – Goodreads Reviewer

“This is a novel of suspense, of mystery; a medical thriller with thrilling insights. If you loved Michael Crichton, you’ll love this book. I hope it’s going to be a great hit this year, it certainly deserves to be!” – Deborah / The Bookish Dame – Book Reviewer

“When I explain Equity of Evil to people, I tell them that it is a cross between Stieg Larsson’s ‘Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ and Michael Crichton’s ‘Next’ because Stieg Larsson’s books were truly graphic and at points horrifying for women and Michael Crichton’s book ‘Next’ dealt with very controversial issues regarding DNA patenting and scientists owning the human body (which is also based on true medical science!). It was a blend of that chilling, horror for women and society and the ultimate fear of knowing that it was actually a possibility.”  – Manda at InRandom Book Reviews

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