I’m very pleased to announce the release of the first in a trilogy called “EQUITY of EVIL”. This is now available in eBook format TODAY and (if successful) should appear in hard copy and paperback versions at year-end.

You can purchase this on various websites including Barnes & Noble and Amazon at a retail price of $6.95, but the Publisher has decided to offer Equity of Evil for $2.99 from March 5 – 10 (“Read an E-Book” Week) and $3.48 for the rest of the month of March. I would greatly appreciate your support in obtaining a copy at the discounted price this week. If possible, after completion of the book, please provide a “review” (with 5 stars being the best) from the site where you purchased it. The better the review, the sooner we can get this out in other formats!

Barnes & Noble (NOOK): (Kindle/Fire):

Twilight Times Books (as PDF):

OmniLit (ePub, PDF, mobi and prc):

Other eBook Retailers can be found on my website:

Thank you once again! I sincerely hope you enjoy this new thriller… the second of which should also be available near year-end.


About Rudy Mazzocchi

Medical Device Entrepreneur, Angle Investor, Inventor, and Author
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