EQUITY of EVIL’s Brave New World

One of the very first novels I ever read “cover to cover” was Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. I am still amazed that this was first published back in 1932. One of the key elements of this novel was that it anticipated developments in reproductive technology. So here we are in 2012, still struggling with the legal and moral aspects of abortion while trying to figure out how to jump the ethical gap on other topics such as embryonic stem cells.

Huxley’s story takes place in AD 2540, but I believe that the eve of our brave new world is already upon us. The global headlines are filled with stories of human trafficking, the illegal sale of human organs, the sales trade of sperm and eggs, the commercialization of embryonic stem cells, and even the clandestine activities surrounding human cloning. So we close our eyes and ears and refuse to admit that these billion dollar industries already exist, dispite dozens of laws passed over the prior two decades, designed to punish those who dare to “play god”.

EQUITY of EVIL was designed to tell a similar story, to enlighten the reader, to pursuade people to start thinking about the reality of our brave new world. The story holds no answers or suggests any resolution, but it reveals how business, greed, and the deceit of man can play a role in the exploitation of human life.

EQUITY of EVIL – Book Trailer

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