Pro-Life versus Pro-Choice: The Underlying Theme of a Bold, New Novel

EQUITY of EVIL is based on true events and the foundation of many new medical sciences that are either under development, available outside of the United States, or feasible modifications of existing technologies. This story kicks off with the brutal reality of abortion as seen in the streets, the clinics and the laboratories throughout our country.  Although it describes a new business model for making abortion available through a different source, it by no means prescribes to the notion that the methodology is either right or wrong.

As with many thrillers, the story unfolds with a struggle between good and evil. Based on the reader’s political, moral and ethical perspectives, this author leaves it to the reader to decide the degree of right or wrong for a variety of topics, ranging from the act of abortion itself, to the use of the pirated aborted materials.

As identified by nearly one hundred reviews, EQUITY of EVIL is defined as a suspenseful, difficult read as it pulls the reader through a brutal new world involving abortion, human trafficking, kidnappings, illegal medical procedures, animal research, assassinations and personal greed. However, it also provides a view into the compassion and altruistic motives of mankind and the self-awareness of a man who finally comprehends a woman’s anguish over abortion. This story also includes a realistic ending where not all the bad guys are identified and avenged!

EQUITY of EVIL – a true thriller that will shake you to the core, force you to question your beliefs, and open your eyes to the possibilities of our emerging medical technologies.


About Rudy Mazzocchi

Medical Device Entrepreneur, Angle Investor, Inventor, and Author
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