Eliminating the Right to Choose? Be Careful What you Wish For!

In researching and writing the initial manuscript of EQUITY of EVIL, I didn’t hesitate to use the theme of abortion and human trafficking as the backdrop for this debut suspense novel.  However, what struck me as very odd was that abortion has been practiced and debated long before we had the religious beliefs and laws that we now have in place. These are ancient, historical practices that have been discussed and written about centuries before Christ. So why hasn’t mankind come to any universal conclusions regarding the moral, ethical and political position on this topic? I’m not asking why we haven’t resolved the issue; I’m asking why people and nations haven’t come to a final conclusion that will definitely determine whether it is right or wrong… to at least put an end to the debate.

Fact: Abortion is not going to “go away” by declaring it legal or illegal.

So here we are in the year 2012 with presidential candidates talking about overturning a landmark decision made by our Supreme Court (i.e. Roe vs. Wade) nearly four decades ago. One of the principle outcomes of the Court’s decision was that abortion was a fundamental right under the United States Constitution. Unfortunately, as we all know, it isn’t that simple.

Our government, court system and the public still have to deal with two competing interests; protecting the mother’s rights and her health, and protecting the “potentiality of human life”. This left the gates open for controversy to flood and destroy any possible bridge between the two. It also allowed the State to intervene to determine “fetal viability” and to regulate the procedure. Where do the rights subside? Who has the ultimate right? Were is the right of the physician to practice medicine? What is the constitutional right of the mother? Why is it the right of the State to determine the definition of life or the viability of the fetus? What is the unspoken right of the fetus? Here is the essence of decades of debate.

This blog posting is not intended to challenge any of these principles or beliefs, but intended to ask the questions… “What would possibly happen if our politicians and courts decide to overturn something like Roe vs. Wade?  What would our world be like if abortion becomes illegal and is pushed back into the dark alleys of our cities or self-induced by millions of women in the privacy of their homes?”

EQUITY of EVIL tells a tale of a new business model that enhances the availability of abortion procedures to those who could not otherwise easily obtain such a procedure… to minimize the back alley and self-induced procedures… to provide a confidential, clean, affordable procedure with less trauma to the mother and the fetus. But regardless of the intentions, things go bad. Man’s burning desire to exploit others for pleasure, greed or personal gain suffocates any positive potential outcome.

When this author witnessed the Republican candidate’s desire to overcome Roe vs. Wade, I went back to revisit those passages in EQUITY of EVIL which describe the statistics of abortion in this country. “There are approximately forty-two million unwanted pregnancies annually throughout the world. Forty-three percent of all women will have at least one abortion before they reach the age of forty-five….” What would our world be like if the majority of women suddenly had to find an illegal means of accomplishing these procedures? Those who could afford it would find access through the black markets, those who could not, would revert to their own means.

Such is the dark world of EQUITY of EVIL.


About Rudy Mazzocchi

Medical Device Entrepreneur, Angle Investor, Inventor, and Author
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