The Abortion Theme behind EQUITY of EVIL

Although I was very concerned about the abortion theme encased within this debut novel, I’ve been pleased with the amount of positive correspondences from supports on both sides of the table (Pro-Life and Pro-Choice). This validated my goal of being objective as possible in dealing with this delicate subject.

This story provides a true reconstruction of my personal experiences as a pre-med student, tasked with the dissection of aborted fetuses for the scientific purpose of learning how to potentially diagnose and treat a rare abnormality that was known to create uterine cancer. As a by-product of this mini-autopsies in the Human Genetic Engineering Department, I was also required to harvest and grow their tiny organs with hopes of providing fundamental knowledge that might someday help optimize tissue and organ transplants. That was back in the ’70s and I only dare speak of it today.

Decades later, as a Venture Capitalist dedicating funds to supporting new medical technology innovations, I was provided a Business Plan that suggested a new business model for one of the most prevalent medical procedures in the world – Abortion. This Plan told of “Mobile Abortion Units” that would roll into various neighborhoods throughout the world, to perform walk-on abortion procedures using the most state-of-the-art equipment and sterile procedures. Well… you’re going to have to read the book to experience the evil consequences of such a proposal, but the concept of determining how to provide alternative access to these procedures is something our world will have to figure out.

There was a very informative article in the January Issue of Bloomberg BusinessWeek entitled, “Regulating Away Abortion“. Again, I’m not providing this information to support either side of the abortion debate, but I’m a realist who accepts that fact that abortion is not going to go away in our lifetime. If this procedure is not made available to women, they will simply find alternative means to rid themselves of unwanted pregnancies. I’m offering this information for the sake of humanity and decency.

In the novel, EQUITY of EVIL, aborted fetuses are extracted and maintained in a special fluid-filled canister to preserve them for the harvesting of their organs. The story includes a business and legal debate over the legal jurisdiction of how the fetal remains from an abortion are properly dealt with. The Bloomberg article describes Senate Bill No. 54 which requires the fetal remains to be cremated or buried… with non-compliance a felony of law punishable by up to three years imprisonment or a fine up to $5000, or both. Such disposal comes with an average cost of approximately $250 per remains, which nearly doubles the price of most abortions. Instead of banning abortion outright, many State law makers are creating such mandates in order to simply make it too expensive for providers to remain in business.

Other state laws require providers to be licensed as freestanding surgical outpatient facilities and to carry additional personal liability insurance coverage of at least $1.0 Million – such licensing, renovation and insurance costs have forced many facilities to close their doors. Since 2008, the number of providers, including doctors’ offices and special clinics, have fallen nearly 38% for the peak in 1982. 

Federal data reveals that abortion is one of the safest medical procedures in the U.S. with less risk of death than getting a shot of penicillin and 14-times safer than carrying a pregnancy to delivery. Regulations which cause delay and increase the costs of this procedure, only drive up the risks.

This article closes with a statement from one of the providers:

“While we are a medical clinic that provides a medical service, we are also a business. We’re not trying to sell it to someone who doesn’t want one, but for someone who wants an abortion, we want them to choose [us]. Why would I let the [anti-abortion] movement make me ashamed of that?”

A read of EQUITY of EVIL may give you another perspective, regardless of your position on this topic. I welcome your comments and opinions.


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